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    "Whatever the future holds, we’ll get through it." "Together." "Always together." - (x)

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    I do love Harry Duffin for including this in the book - Bray’s constant ambiguity if he should stay or leave. There are other examples on it too and this is probably the reason why in the series, he got so defensive if anyone accused him of leaving, he did think about it a lot, at least in the beginning.

    He was 16, Trudy’s baby wasn’t even his and he had taken respinsibility for them. Of course he wanted to take the load off and run away.

    "It was hard to believe they were living in hell."

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    Season three: Ebony.

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    TTverse really needs a non-pacifistic anti-imperialist tribe/alliance of tribes to deal with trash like this.

    P. S. Reading the last part of the last sentence in the first paragraph (i.e. “[…] in Kami’s home city the tribes had recognized the need to co-operate under his leadership, forming a powerful coalition of several tribes.”), my mind immediately went to post Word War 2 Western Europe/the European Union. Team up and co-operate to screw everyone else over. (Not that I’m under the illusion that AJ Penn&co share my burning hatred of WE/the EU.)

    [ I love how The Tribe and the continuing book focused on a broader apocalypse world as opposed to focusing on one character/group as most apocalypse shows/books/movies do. The Tribe was very interesting to me because of this very fact and dove deeper into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of characters such as Zoot, Ram, Mega, Kami etc I loved reading the multiple different political views and observing them in a show like this because it was just so rich with truth and I really think if teenagers ruled the world after the apocalypse it could very well closely mimic The Tribe. There WOULD be moments of history repeating itself, there WOULD be tyrannical psychos, there WOULD be conflicting leaderships and political views, there WOULD be chaos. and I just admire the Tribe world for going the non bullshit route and bringing real life conflict and resolution into it. Much more entertaining, enthralling and captivating than the typical sci-fi teen zombie apocalypse.

    and I also like raging over the crazy bastard leaders but who doesn’t.]

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    Season three: Lex and Bray.

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    Season three.

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