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    she puts us to sleep and
    in her light we’ll awake
    we’ll all be forgotten
    there’s no endless fame
    but everything we do
    is never in vain

    we’re part of a story, part of a tale
    we’re all on this journey
    no one is to stay
    where ever it’s going
    what is the way?
    we’re part of a story, part of a tale
    sometimes beautiful and sometimes insane
    no one remembers how it began (x, y)

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  3. No place I’d rather be all afternoon ~

  4. The city is quite peaceful at night… ~

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    The Tribe Meme: [3/5] OTPs: Cloe + Ved

    what a blonde little pixie boy… 

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    TT meme: 6/9 episodes (3.50)

    "Well, so it looks like all your little chicks are coming home to roost, mother hen." 

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